Burnham Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch functions through a network of approximately 75 Street Coordinators around Burnham. The organisation is strongly represented in North and Central Burnham but we need to be better represented in the Lent Rise area where it has proved more difficult to recruit Coordinators.

Over the past 10 years the number of coordinators has declined due to people moving away, deaths or people giving up voluntary commitments. Sadly, when a coordinator stops functioning, this often leaves a group of people in a street disenfranchised from the communication loop as it is proving very difficult to find replacements. We are always looking for people to take on the role which actually involves very little work each week and can be as much as you like!

If you would be interested in finding out more about being a Street Coordinator, please contact Wendy Strathdee at wendy@strathdee.org.uk

The changing nature of Neighbourhood Policing means has meant that the Police Team once dedicated to covering Burnham’s policing needs now has to cover Burnham, Taplow, Dorney and The Farnhams. We keep in touch with members of the local team as much as possible given the pressure on the police numbers.

We produce the NHW Weekly electronic news bulletin, which is circulated to Coordinators, Councillors, and representatives of various organisations and groups around Burnham to cascade down and share with their respective members. It can also be found on the Burnham Beacon Website at http://www.burnhambeacon.co.uk/bulletin

This communication includes local crime news, Thames Valley Police Crime Alerts, appropriate press releases from Buck County Council, South Bucks District Council. Regular newsletters issued by organisations such as Burnham Health Practice and Burnham Beeches are also forwarded on to news bulletin recipients as well as details of forthcoming village events and activities.

Burnham Neighbourhood Watch also maintains a Trustworthy Traders list which has been compiled over the years on the basis of recommendations by members and which covers a broad spectrum of trades and businesses.

Burnham and Stoke Poges are now the only villages in South Bucks which have Area Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators who issue regular crime and community communications to their local constituents.

What do we do?

  • Improve Community Safety
  • Support our Street members
  • Reduce the fear of crime
  • Tackle specific local problems
  • Look out for vulnerable neighbours
  • Support the Police
  • Issue a weekly Community News Bulletin